metabolicscan module for effective body management

Optimize your customers' metabolism for weight loss, performance and health

Precise metabolic analysis for individual training and nutrition programs

The metabolicscan provides an accurate analysis of your metabolism by measuring your breath. Learn how the body metabolizes fats and carbohydrates and get the essential basis for tailored training and nutrition programs, whether your clients want to lose weight, increase performance or improve their health.

Detailed measurement results for individual body management

Resting metabolic rate

The resting metabolic rate provides information about the activity of your metabolism. An optimal resting metabolic rate is above the normal value and indicates an active metabolism.

Energy supply

The respiratory gas analysis shows the ratio of carbohydrate and fat burning for energy supply. The optimal energy supply depends on your personal goals.

Oxygen uptake

The oxygen uptake capacity is an important indicator for the training condition. Based on the measurement results, you can individually adjust the orientation and intensity of your training.

CO2 release

The release of carbon dioxide via the air you breathe provides information about your diet. The measurement reveals excessive carbohydrate intake, which can negatively affect the metabolism.

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## Effective training and nutrition strategies based on precise measurements

Effective training and nutrition strategies based on precise measurements

The metabolicscan uses the oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide output of your breath to derive highly effective training and nutrition programs. The oxygen values provide information about the limiting factors of oxygen storage capacity that can be affected by exercise. These include your muscles, the largest store of oxygen, and the formation of capillaries during basic endurance training. A high carbon dioxide output indicates too high a carbohydrate intake and serves as an indicator of a balanced diet in terms of carbohydrates.

Metabolic analysis easy to understand

The results of your current metabolic state are presented in a simple and understandable way. You find out whether you are in a fat or carbohydrate burning mode and how your resting energy metabolic rate compares to the normal value.

Activate fat burning

Effective fat burning requires your body to have optimal oxygen uptake capacity. The lower your CO2 output, the more efficiently your metabolism will function. A diet too rich in carbohydrates can lead to permanently elevated CO2 levels and block the supply of energy from fat metabolism.

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