Smart screening solutions for your customer care.

We trust in body data. Because these are the best guideposts for training, nutrition and regeneration. That's why we use our systems to create individual recommendations from body data. Sports and health providers can use our intelligent diagnostic solutions to make internal values visible in a simple and understandable way.

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Our diagnostic systems for optimal results

Our mescan

The mescan is our breakthrough diagnostic tool that analyzes your entire body in just 45 seconds. With precise measurements of heart rate variability, stress levels, body composition and metabolism, it provides essential information for tailored training plans and recommendations. Discover how the mescan can optimize your gym or practice. Best of all, the mescan can be operated by your clients themselves. No appointment or staffing is required.

Our checkpoint

The best basis for professional support is provided by the measured values of one's own body. Because these determine the right intensity of training, the appropriate diet and the decisive degree of regeneration. The 360-degree view of the cardioscan checkpoint is the perfect basis for this, as it combines all the necessary measurements and allows intelligent recommendations for action to be developed from the measurement results. If high-quality coaching of your clients is important to you, then the checkpoint is your ideal screening system.

The advantages for your industry

Optimize your customer care. Whether physio, fitness, medical or corporate health management. The smart diagnostic solutions from cardioscan enable precise analyses for individual treatment plans and customized training programs.


As a gym, you want to inspire your members with an individual and high-quality training experience. With cardioscan, we offer you the tools to achieve just that. Our smart diagnostic solutions enable comprehensive body analyses for customized training programs and increase your members' satisfaction.


Optimize the care of your patients with cardioscan's smart diagnostic solutions. Get precise insights into the health status of your patients and develop individual treatment plans. Improve the effectiveness of your therapies and increase patient satisfaction.

Success stories that inspire.

See how our customers achieve their goals and write their success stories with cardioscan (only in German).