With only four electrodes to the target

Our cardioscan module gives you an effective and convenient heart and stress test. We designed it so that you only need four electrodes to create a safe and optimal training base.

The measurement results in detail

Resting pulse

The resting heart rate describes the heart beats per minute during physical rest and relaxation. An increased resting heart rate means permanently more work for the heart and thus increases the risk of coronary heart disease.

Risk check

The risk check provides information about cardiac function and serves as a risk screening. It shows whether there are deviations in the heart stress measurement compared to reference values.

Stress Check

The stress check uses heart rate variability analysis to show the current stress load on the heart. This can be caused by mental as well as physical overload.

cardio fit level

The fit level describes your fitness state of the heart. It can take values from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest fit level.

Training zones

The individual training heart rates are determined on the basis of the measurement results. These are divided into regenerative training, basic training, development training and peak loads.

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## Fast measurement results and individual recommendations

Fast measurement results and individual recommendations

With our measurement we perform a risk check, determine your individual stress level based on heart rate variability, show you your fit level and give you personalized recommendations for your training pulse. The data is presented in a user-friendly way to make prevention easy for you to understand. The measurement results are available within two minutes. Depending on your training goals, the heart and stress test determines the values you need for professional training control.

## The stress test as an indicator of heart rate variability

The stress test as an indicator of heart rate variability

Our cardioscan measures your individual Cardio Stress Index (CSI), which shows the current stress level of your heart, whether it is due to mental or physical overload. This stress level is determined by the time intervals between your heart contractions. This allows us to draw conclusions about your heart rate variability, which indicates how well your heart can respond to internal and external influences. Heart rate variability depends on various factors such as age, gender, metabolic activity, mental and physical stress, and athletic training status. Our cardioscan analyzes variations and evaluates your stress level for your heart.

A healthy heart rate continuously adapts to the changing demands depending on the load and is therefore variable. Sufficient heart rate variability is an indicator of your health. With the help of the heart rate variability we can perform a precise and individual training planning to determine the perfect time for your next training stimulus according to the principle of supercompensation. Our cardioscan is particularly well suited for personal training, health training, elite sports as well as for close support of ambitious athletes and recreational athletes.

Fit Level

The Fit Level is composed of BMI, heart rate, cardio-stress index and weekly physical activity. It is presented on a scale from 1 to 10 to measure and evaluate your fitness level.

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