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Get a comprehensive picture of your clients' bodies in seconds. The results show their training success and motivate them to stay with it.

The measurement results in detail

Water balance

The total percentage of fluid in the body is called body water. An adequate body water percentage has many advantages for health: the cells regenerate faster, the blood is more fluid and the heart is relieved.

Muscle mass

Muscle protects and supports the musculoskeletal system and is responsible for the majority of energy consumption. Muscle mass is composed of muscle protein and the stored water within the muscle cells.

Muscle distribution

The evaluation shows the segmental distribution of your muscles compared to normal values. Imbalances in the musculature become visible and can be compensated through targeted training.

Fat mass

Der Körperfettanteil gibt den Anteil der Fettmasse an der Gesamtmasse des Körpers an. Er setzt sich aus essenzieller Fettmasse, Fettreserven und überschüssigem Fett zusammen.

Visceral fat

Visceral abdominal fat, also called intra-abdominal fat, accumulates in the abdominal cavity and surrounds the internal organs. It poses a health risk, as it can promote the development of high blood pressure, elevated blood lipid levels and unfavorable blood sugar levels.

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## Get valuable insights into your body composition

Get valuable insights into your body composition

Our bodyscan IQ module of the Checkpoint uses bio-impedance analysis to measure not only your body fat, but also your body water, lean mass and muscle mass. The segmental distribution of your muscles and visceral fat provide important information about your training and nutrition behavior. An optimal motivation boost for your further training!

## Body composition analysis

Body composition analysis

Even away from the cult of the body, the health, functioning and appearance of our body has a great influence on our well-being. However, weight alone does not say enough. A comprehensive body composition analysis provides important insights into your individual fitness and health status. Based on this information, professional health consultants can develop workout and nutrition plans that take into account not only your physical health, but also your immune system and many other factors. In this way, together we create a healthy body composition that leads to greater personal well-being and comprehensive health care.

What is a body composition analysis?

A body composition analysis examines the proportions of muscle, water, bone and fat throughout the body. Using precise Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, we can locate water retention, measure the percentage of visceral fat, and analyze the existing muscle mass in various areas of the body. Similar to a check-up at the doctor's office, this analysis enables an important preventive examination to become aware of existing problems. In addition, it serves as an ideal initial check-up prior to the development of a new training and nutrition plan in order to train in a targeted and individualized manner.

How does a body composition analysis work?

Body composition analysis uses electrical current and the different conductivity of various tissues and body fluids. This gentle and precise method of analysis is called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. It involves passing a weak electrical current from your foot to your hand through your body. Based on the different resistances (impedances), we can draw conclusions about the segmental distribution of your muscles as well as the proportion and distribution of visceral fat.

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