Functional Movement Diagnostic

A healthy body needs good mobility. If mobility is limited, well-being suffers and in the long run the joints hurt.

The mobilityscan checks the functional mobility of the trunk and the upper and lower extremities. Simple tests show where movement restrictions, shortenings and side differences are. The resulting recommendations for action show in an easily understandable way how mobility in these areas can be improved.

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Analysis of functional mobility

The functional mobility test analyses lack of stability, flexibility, balance and coordination. Good body stability relieves the body in everyday life and during sports. Factors influencing functional mobility include not only flexibility and trunk stability but also the ability to maintain balance and coordination.

Based on the results, individual strengthening or stretching programmes can be recommended.

Measurement data

The measurement results in detail:

Shoulder mobility

Stability and mobility protect the shoulder from injury and pain.

One leg stand

The mobility of hips, knees and ankle joints is checked. The ability to balance and body stability are also tested. All functions are important in order to remain permanently mobile.

Trunk bending

This test analyses the mobility and stability of the trunk. Both promote posture and protect against back problems.



The vicoach app is your virtual coach who always shows you the right way. Based on the measured body data, vicoach generates the best recommendations for you so that training, nutrition and regeneration works.

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