Smart spirometry

The intelligent metabolism analysis of cardioscan provides precise measurement results for effective and holistic body management. The respiration illustrates whether your metabolism is working optimally.

Whether losing weight, getting more performance or better health. The metabolic analysis uses spirometry to determine how the body burns fat and carbohydrates. The results are the essential basis for highly efficient training and nutrition programs.

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The metabolic analysis shows to what extent the body currently burns fat or carbohydrates.

In order to derive a highly efficient training and nutrition program, the values of the oxygen concentration of the exhaled air and the carbon dioxide emission are used. Here, the oxygen output describes the limiting factors of the oxygen storage capacity, which can be influenced by sport. These are on the one hand the musculature as the largest oxygen storage and on the other hand the amount of capillaries that are formed during training in the basic endurance range. A high carbon dioxide emission is due to a too high intake of carbohydrates and can therefore be evaluated as an indicator for a balanced diet with regard to less carbohydrate intake.

Metabolic analysis clear and understandable

The results of the current metabolic state are presented in an easily understandable way and show whether the customer is burning fat or carbohydrate at the time of measurement. The energetic resting metabolic rate is compared to a calculated standard value.

Activate fat burning

A good O2 absorption capacity of the body is the basic condition for the fat metabolism. The lower the CO2 emission, the less “waste gases” are emitted by the metabolism, the more efficient the metabolism is. Food intake that is too frequent and too rich in carbohydrates can lead to permanently high CO2 levels and thus block the supply of energy from fat metabolism.


Metabolic Fact

A good oxygen uptake capacity of the body is the basic condition for burning fat. It can be positively influenced by strength and endurance training.

Measurement data

The measurement results in detail:

Resting metabolic rate

The resting metabolic rate describes the extent to which the metabolism is active. The optimal resting metabolic rate should be above the normal value, as this indicates an active metabolism.

Energy supply

With the help of respiratory gas analysis it can be determined in which ratio the body burns carbohydrates and fats and uses them for energy supply. The optimal energy supply depends on the personal goals.

O2 intake

The oxygen uptake capacity is an essential indicator for evaluating the training condition. Based on the measurement result, the training can be individualized in orientation and intensity.

CO2 expiration

The emission of carbon dioxide via the air we breathe provides information about our nutritional status. Too much carbohydrate intake, which can have a negative influence on the metabolism, is visible by the measurement.



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