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The mobile bodyscan is ideal for travelling. Wrap it up and check the body composition data wherever you like. This makes the bodyscan the ideal companion for mobile measurements.

The body composition analysis is carried out by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), one of the most precise and recognized methods of body composition analysis. A weak electrical current flows through four electrodes from the right foot to the right hand to measure resistance in the body. In this way it becomes visible how high the muscle, water and fat content in the body is.

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The body composition is determined with the bodyscan via bio-impedance measurement. In less than 10 seconds, the electrical resistance of the body is measured completely senselessly for the test person via four electrodes on the hand and foot.
The breakdown of body fat, fat-free mass, body water and muscle mass is outlined. The results are evaluated in a traffic light diagram and compared to the medical standard values. The body fat percentage is displayed and divided into the essential fat mass, the fat reserve and the excess fat mass (usually visceral abdominal fat) – thus any existing health risks can be identified. Finally, the measurement allows a look deep into the body down to the cell level – thus the metabolicalactive body cell mass (BCM) and the more passive extracellular mass (ECM) can be determined and evaluated. The cell fitness value provides an overall impression of the performance on the cell level.


Body Fact

Water accounts for about 50-80% of the total weight of the body. If a person can survive up to 40 days without solid food, this is possible for a maximum of 4 days without water.

Measurement data

The measurement results in detail:


The total amount of fluid in the human body is expressed as body water. A good proportion of body water has many health benefits: cells regenerate faster, the blood is more fluid and thus relieves the heart.

Muscle mass

The muscles protect and support the musculoskeletal system and are responsible for a large part of the energy consumption. The muscle mass of the body is composed of the muscle protein and the water stored within the muscle cells.

Fat mass

The body fat percentage indicates the proportion of fat mass in the total mass of the body. The body fat is composed of Essential fat mass, fat reserve and excess fat.


An important variable for assessing fitness and nutritional status is the body cell mass (BCM – Body Cell Mass). It consists of all metabolic active cells of the body (muscles, organs, blood, nerves, glands) and is involved in energy consumption.


The Extra Cellular Mass (ECM), on the other hand, comprises the non-metabolical active components of the body (bones, tendons, ligaments, extracellular water).

Cellular Fitness

The cell fitness value is measured from the phase angle and reflects the general state of health of the organism. It describes the efficiency of the cells and indicates how young, fresh and strong the individual cells are.



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