Fast and precise body analysis

A complete image of the body is available within seconds. The results show training successes and motivate to stay tuned.

Using bio-impedance analysis, body water, fat-free mass and muscle mass are determined in addition to body fat. The segmental distribution of muscles and visceral fat provides important information on training and nutritional behaviour. A perfect motivation boost for further training!

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Body composition analysis

The health of our body has a great influence on our well-being. Measuring weight is not enough. With a comprehensive body composition analysis, important conclusions can be drawn about the individual fitness and health status. Together with a professional health consultation, training and nutrition plans can be developed on this basis, but also the health of the body in general, including the immune system and many other factors, can be brought into focus. This creates a healthy body culture for a higher personal well-being and a secured health prevention.

What is a body composition analysis?

A body composition analysis is about the proportions of muscles, water, bones and fat in the entire body. Precise measurement by bioelectrical impedance analysis can locate water deposits, measure the visceral fat percentage and analyse the existing muscle mass in individual body parts. Similar to a check-up at the doctor’s office, the analysis is an important preventive examination to become aware of existing problems. Furthermore, it is an ideal initial check before a new training and nutrition plan is drawn up, in order to be able to train individually and specifically.

How does a body composition analysis work?

Body composition analysis uses electrical current and the different conductivity of different tissues and body fluids. This gentle and precise form of analysis is called bioelectric impedance analysis. A weak electric current flows through the body from the sole of the foot to the palm of the hand. Based on the different resistances – impedances – conclusions can be drawn about the segmental muscle distribution as well as the proportion and distribution of visceral fat.

This distinction can be made on the basis of the different water content of fat and muscle tissue. In contrast to fat, muscle tissue contains a lot of water and is therefore more permeable to the flow of current, since water conducts electricity very well. Visceral abdominal fat, for example, can be measured very well, and the training plan can be optimized after the testing


Body Fact

Water accounts for about 50-80% of the total weight of the body. If a person can survive up to 40 days without solid food, this is possible for a maximum of 4 days without water.

Measurement data

The measurement results in detail:


The total amount of fluid in the human body is expressed as body water. A good proportion of body water has many health benefits: cells regenerate faster, the blood is more fluid and thus relieves the heart.

Muscle mass

The muscles protect and support the musculoskeletal system and are responsible for a large part of the energy consumption. The muscle mass of the body is composed of the muscle protein and the water stored within the muscle cells.

Muscle distribution

The evaluation shows the segmental muscle distribution in comparison to standard values. Muscular imbalances become visible and can be compensated by specific training.

Fat mass

The body fat percentage indicates the proportion of fat mass in the total mass of the body. The body fat is composed of Essential fat mass, fat reserve and excess fat.

Visceral fat

The visceral abdominal fat is also called intra-abdominal fat because it accumulates in the abdominal cavity and surrounds the internal organs. It poses a health risk because it promotes the development of high blood pressure, elevated blood lipid levels and unfavourable blood sugar levels.



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